Friday, December 17, 2021

Jelly & Kenny

 KENNY: (obviously he does not want to talk about the band. He looks away as if he might just walk off the set).

JELLY: He doesn't mean it. (she shrugs and looks a bit out of place, but she seems to be talking for him) I don't really know what the problem is, but he's been in a bad way lately. (Of course, Kenny isn't looking at Jelly and he looks really sad) (Jelly wiggles her lips a bit and smiles) First of all, he lives with way too many females, but I didn't think it would bother him, and then (she cracks up with a laugh) He says it's my fault. (Her smile is big and open) I don't believe it of course. Just an excuse you know. I mean, seriously (she cracks up more) little old me. (she presses her index finger into her chest and shakes her head, no. she sighs and tries to get serious as she is sitting in the chair next to Kenny during this interview.) Sure, he's talented and all. And maybe..well, maybe Mercy isn't giving him all the chances she could give him. But you know, he's the band roadie. What's he expecting? (She gives a serious look to the camera).

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  1. Ah, the perspective of a roadie! I like how you reveal that detail about Kenny at the very end; before that, I assumed he was a performer. Clever!