Thursday, June 3, 2021

Never thought I'd have a moment like this

 Seriously, Jelly wanted to get out of this railroad town. It felt as if everything was dragging her down.

First, there was the dead-end job at the grocery store. She was tired just thinking of handling that cash register and then having some old fart tell her not to walk away from him. Yeah, supposed things could be worse.

Jake was being such a pain. He drank too much, but then he could want her so hot that it was a volcano. But she never knew what to expect from him. It could get worse she knew. 

And finally, she'd found playful Teena, a poor little rich girl with nothing to do. Jelly didn't mind having money spent on her. It was a high time in the city with fruity drinks and kick-ass alcohol. Yeah, it felt like summer when she was with Teena. 

There was something mysterious and alluring about Teena, but she could be aloof too. Jelly didn't know how to take it. Especially, she felt she'd been hooked into Teena's life as if maybe Jelly was her one and only. But that last a week, with fast rides, some hot nights that turned out just to be a tease.

Finally, Jake came around and it was hot heaven for at least twenty minutes. And then the silent treatment. 

It was enough to make Jelly want to be somebody else. And maybe she was with Teena.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Happy Pride Month!

 My favorite BL Drama!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Jelly Story

 Foolish me... where do I start? Sometimes, those BTS hangouts can be far more strange than expected. Here I was thinking I was hanging out with some who fangirled as much about the boys as I do. I dunno what I was thinking.

Yeah, we chatted online for a bit on the forum but later, realized we were close by. Of course, we texted for more than a month and then the phone calls came. It felt so right. Why not meet up at the bar in the old market. Restrictions were lifted. Summer was practically here. Not a gloomy cloud in the sky. Teena was her name. Although, now I can't be certain of that. After all, she seemed so sophisticated and knew her way around the trendy parts of Omaha. Before I knew it, I was in her little white convertible. Her pink hair blowing in the wind and ever so sexy. Even more, she made me feel as if I belonged there. It might have been a wicked smile at the time, but I was up for anything after that iced tea laced with vodka, lemon, and triple sec. Finally sex and the city in the heartland. But even bad girls like us like cheap motels and old swimming pools.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A Jelly tale

 Name: Jelly Johannas (Real name is Jolene but I could never say it when I was little and they always called me Jelly.)

Age: 25 How do you identify/pronouns: she
Sexual preference?: straight but maybe bi
Who are you? (Fan, media, aspiring artist, etc.): I have always wanted to write songs, but everyone tells me I need to experience more life. And after this last year I just want to escape my life here in the Heartland. I am from Nebraska and I am so tired of being home.
Why did you join the tour?: I don't drive so this is the best way to do it. And I really like the behind the scenes idea. You know, like I might get discovered, or just have a burger with somebody like Alex Gaskarth. I so love that guy. I have always wanted to meet him and I think he could really understand me..if we met. Bio: Um, I was an Airforce brat, but once we got to Offut we couldn't get off it. My parents are divorced. My mom lives with her girlfriend and Dad moved to Florida where he keeps bugging me to move, but I can't do that to my mom. Even so, I know she's tired of me living at home and I feel I have this dead-end job at the grocery store. Life has not turned out as I'd hoped, going the University route. I want to be an artist, but I am not sure I have any potential. Also, I broke up with a guy I have been dating for the last seven years. He wanted to get married and start a family. I'm just not ready to settle down yet. Besides he got really jealous when my best friend Dara was teaching how to really play the guitar. And I found I'd rather be with Dara than him. But, she is seeing someone at the moment.

*Possibly an ill-fated roleplay someone wanted to start. I decided I would go on with it.

Monday, May 3, 2021



 What was the first thing you liked about your significant other?

RACHEL: He's the whole package (she smiles) of course. I liked his stature. Possibly, a bit oblivious to everything around him, but his smile was quick and oh so cool and I had a feeling we could dance very well together even if I am no dancer, but I can dream, right? JORY: I dunno. (He laughs and then sighs) I really don't. I mean, sure she's got a lot going for her, but the way she moves. Maybe that's what caught my eye. You know, that confidence. (He chuckles more) I was...kind of afraid of her. (He shrugs with a smile). Well, actually I'm still afraid of her. She knows how to keep me..on my toes. (His smile is broad and he nods) Rachel is probably the sexiest woman I know. DAN: Um, I want to say Ivy is the most annoying girl I've met. But..that's not true. I guess, the first time I met her, she was in middle school sitting in her living room in a glammed-up prom dress. And..and it wasn't even prom. I found out from her brother who's a close friend that she'd thrifted the dress and liked to just dress up for no reason. I mean, I did feel kind of sad for her. But then I forgot about it. Fast forward about a decade later and we meet up again and..and she's pregnant. And I begin to think she's really lived life and I haven't. So I guess I envied her. Perhaps. But then she moved in and (he shrugs) she grew on me. I mean, we are so opposites (he sighs) but life is better with her. IVY: Oh, I always knew he was handsome. From the moment I saw him I wished he'd notice me. But then I imagined him being a priest, and then I guessed he was gay. I'd decided there was no chance. Never. But..I've learned..NEVER SAY NEVER. I mean, after all... Dan is generous, he's thrifty, he's kind and I'm thankful he's been there for me. After all this time, I've learned it's real friends who question me, who want the best for me, or the ones who make the best partners. I know that sounds like I've met a lot, but I really haven't. I fall in love easily, but to find your mainstay..well, that's a skill and a lifetime dream of mine.