Sunday, December 5, 2021

ON TOUR: A Jelly Tale

Did you miss me?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Um, I finally made it to San Francisco, and WOW loving this dark and funky music scene.

Needless to say, Teena is history. I mean, I was only in it for the money. I'm not gonna lie. Or maybe it's the fact to say I never loved her (even if maybe I did cause, you was quite a ride, but she was a bit of a pink drama queen and I never ever imagined I'd like pink again.)

Think again! I just took a bus and I had enough cash to make it to San Francisco. I mean, yeah there was a time I thought I might live at the library and just stick with the herd of homeless. But then I met Kenny, who is a roadie for Velvet and the gang. Kind of like the Pussycats but industrial punk of some kind.

Mercy is the lead singer. And she is so Poe, at times. A Goth Queen mad about Velvet on keyboard. Certainly, lots of magic going on between those two.

So yeah, I'm living the dream, and um, I've had some fun with Kenny on certain occasions and Delia is quite lovely as well. 

Yeah, living the dream. Learning so much in so many ways. This small-town girl has a family now and yeah, I'm with the band. Playing drums.

[models from Dolls Kills and mehro is a bonus]

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  1. I love an epistolary read! This one sounds exciting -- lots of hookups and big dreams and life on the road. I see that the homeless hanging at the library have made it in here too. Anyway, looking forward to reading another riveting Ellie story!