Tuesday, August 16, 2022

An on going drama....


This is more of a writing prop than an RP kind of thing. Think of it as an inprov. Honestly, I don't want to write bios for the characters..yet, I guess you might need a few facts to inspire you if you want to help guide the story along..scene by scene [feel free to use dialogue...oh dialogue is great!]. I know, it might take too much out of you if you think about it for very long. It's been a long time since I've done anything like this either. But I've wanted to. And well, it's kept me up at night thinking about it..so here I am. 

OK, as I said I will start the story then you write what should happen next and then if someone sees it before I do and wants to ad to it in the comment box then so be it! Oh, and lets keep it PG13. Cause, you never know who we might be writing for. But then again..nobody may like this idea either.


He's twenty-one. Finally out on his own since his rich dad is in the dumps and Smed has to somehow make it on his own. Of course, he's only been in love with himself so it's kind of hard for him to get used to other people in life. He's not aware of too many things. He lives at the boarding house and works in the mailroom at the University. He has a few essentials like his phone, but he doesn't even have his laptop anymore and he's had to sell all his suits and now gets most of his clothes at Good Will and sometimes checks the Half-Priced book store. It's true. He doesn't take as many selfies as he used to.


She's twenty-six but has felt jilted with life since she was sixteen. She's never gotten over her first boyfriend because he was in college and treated her a whole lot like a Taylor Swift song or two. Sometimes, Becca hates everything. She isn't close to her family even if they keep calling. She has a few friends at the Modern Language Department where she works. She lives at the boarding house too.


1. they don't that they both live in the same boarding house.

2. Becca's first encounter with Smed was at the University Center. He took her latte by accident at the coffee shop. She's been mad at him ever since. He has no idea he even took her latte.

3. They both wait at the same bus stop. They ride the bus together to work, but usually not in the evenings.

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  1. Here it was a little after six and there was still time to go out for the evening before dark. As luck would have it, Becca was to meet up with some co-workers at the Pub for a retirement party while some guys that Smed saw at lunch had talked him into seeing if he was any good at the pub quiz. So there they were waiting for the bus. Of course, they didn't know each other. Although, Becca couldn't take her eyes off of him. Not that she thought he was that good-looking, just a mindless jerk. The jerk who stole her latte not so long ago. He walked off with it and sipped with delight.

    "It's YOU!" She pointed a finger at him. He looked everywhere but down until the bus rolled in.

    "Huh?" He winced as if she'd really lost it. He gave her a goofy sigh and headed to get on the bus. She followed. She talked about what he'd done (stealing her drink that she paid for), but they were standing next to each other and it was noisy. Smed looked out the window as if his mind was somewhere else. The bus lunged on taking them only a few blocks. The lull was enough to put them asleep standing up, holding on to the bus trying to keep steady. For a moment his body leaned in then leaned the other way. She practically swayed into him. It was when the bus stopped that they clashed with each other.