Friday, February 23, 2018


here we are

Life without Andrew made Daisy a little dizzy. She didn’t know what to make of him now. How he wanted her to stay in Seattle while he left for L.A. “You know, I won’t have time for you or anything.” He was serious about taking a break from each other. On one hand it was not a break-up, but it actually was. She’d heard nothing but silence from her so called comedian boyfriend who so happened to be Dane’s best friend. So when Dane invited her stay with him and Lola, she was happy. Although, it wasn’t exactly Dane’s apartment. After all, he’d only moved in with Lola recently. She hoped Lola didn’t mind. Of course, she never said NO. At least, Daisy was paying rent. It was something Dane was not doing. He was going through a hard time in the comedy circuit. For someone who used to work at a coffee shop, he had no intention of going back. He did sit around a lot in coffee shops (even the one Daisy worked in) and worked on writing jokes. She saw a lot of him. It was all so casual. She felt comfortable with him, yet she sensed something was making him feel uncomfortable. As much as Daisy wanted to know what was really bothering him, she could never quite put her finger on it. Maybe he envied Drew (maybe she actually hated her sort of ex-boyfriend at the moment). Or maybe they both missed that big old teddy bear. She went in bouts with her thoughts on the subject. Of course, it was probably something else. Drew always told her she wasn’t the best judge of character. But that night, on Valentines day, there was a certain desire pulsing through her veins. Seriously, she should have been too tired and turned on the TV. Her days at the bar and the coffee shop were practically a blur. She hadn’t gone back to the Quicky Mart after a guy pulled a gun on her. She was too scared to tell anyone about it, after the manager was fierce with her when she handed over the cash from the register. Yes, Daisy did have a lot on her mind, and she wanted to forget about her troubles, too. Like a tried and true barmaid that she was, she cleaned up the mess Dane made in the kitchen. He went the bedroom and flopped on the bed. She went to check on him. She hoped he hadn’t drank too much. He was still in his jeans and sneakers. He was still in his band Tee and flannel shirt. Daisy sighed, thinking this was the last thing Lola needed when she came home from work, so she removed a sneaker. Dane move, pushing his socked foot toward the crotch of her tight jeans. She felt the weight of his toe pushing against the core of her. Daisy pressed her lips tight, but the sensation stayed with her, as if it were an awakening of some kind. She did her best to ignore it. He lifted his head slightly, but put his head back on the pillow and waited for her to remove his other shoe. Dane was fully dressed, but she removed his socks this time and brought the palms of her hands on his left foot and began to message the soul of his foot. He smiled in the dark. She heard his giggle. There was his impish grin in the nightlight of the room. Daisy couldn’t help but to smile back. He pulled her into him. She almost collapsed on top of him. He sighed. When he touched her face, she couldn’t ignore it. She knew immediately what he wanted. They kissed. It was quaint, It came so easily. Daisy closed her eyes thinking she was exactly what her father said she was. He didn’t let her come home. She needed to remember he was the reason she was here. A half Korean orphan, trying to suffice on her own. Why did she think of her father, when he wouldn’t do a kind thing for her. She was trash he tossed to the curb. His little girl wasn’t an angel anymore, thanks to Drew. Drew. Tears filled her eyes. Out of bitterness she didn’t want to let them go. Instead, she kissed Dane back as if she knew. She knew exactly what he wanted and she unleashed it from his tight jeans. His cock was throbbing. It was delight to know she could do this to him. She felt her heart kick into action. The touch would have to be enough. He laid back as she stroked his cock. Her heavy dark hair fell forward and her hand pumped him. His hand reached back and he ripped a foil wrapper. “We’ve got a few minutes before she gets home.” Dane told her. She was straight lipped as she watched him pull the condom over his cock. He’d already undressed her, for the most part while they were kissing. Her gray tank was still on. “What..what if..” She was suddenly frightened. What if Lola found them? She couldn’t let this happen, even if she felt so vulnerable and wet. “Stop worrying.” He looked up at her as he pulled her over him. His warm hands came around the sides of her lower stomach. She felt herself wanting him as his face came closer to her clit. First she shivered, thinking how awkward it all was. His thumb pushed in, rather sharp into the clit pressing forward into the core of her. She sucked in a breath, finally he slowed down as if he sensed her sex. It was so unexpected. He licked her clean. When she was certain they would stay face to face in the next few moments. He turned her away from him. He didn’t have any intentions of intercourse.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Valentines day

Lola & Dane

Maybe..maybe..I just wasn't thinking clear. Maybe I had had too much to drink. Maybe I had a lot of catching up to do..cause, I'd never been lonelier this Valentines day.

Lola is one cold fish. The ice queen of Valentines.

I know..I know she's done a lot for me. Just not in a romantic way. Its never been as fantastic as I'd hoped.

And I'd had a lot feelings get to me. You know, did I think about S E X all the time? Was I NO BETTER than those hot shots with all the power who are in a heap of trouble these days with this hashtag ME TOO, going on?

I didn't think so. I don't gloat, you know. Not really. I don't think, anyway. But it was on my mind. So I drank some bad rum. Got in a stomp.

Guess..I broke some dishes.

Lola wasn't home yet, and I was just blue. Yeah, that was it.

And when Daisy came to me..It was like lightening flashed and IT was so alive.

Never had I thought it would be so inviting and warm and cozy on a winter's night. She's good at being attentive. Not at all the needy type. And she showed me the way, with her touch and her kiss, that found parts of me I didn't know needed tending too.

Yeah, she's mermaid without a home.

- Dane