Saturday, July 13, 2013

what else could go wrong

Young Broke and Oblivious..

Torri couldn't say it was the best of times with Soren..because it wasn't.

When did they start being roommates?

Part of the time she felt ancient around him and yet in the end..he felt ancient to her.

He'd cheated on her once. Although, she knew now it wasn't because he was interested in this other person ..who so happened to be an old flame. It was because he wanted her to think the worst of him. After all, he'd only kissed the girl in a public place and felt guilty about it. Which she found out on FACEBOOK.

But that happened last year, and she was still with him. She guessed.

Sure, they did the dishes together. Occasionally, went out. Although, those occasions were so few and far between.

Usually, she hung out with Griffin every weekend. Of course, it was nothing that crazy. Maybe they'd go to the disco. But that never happened. Usually, it was to places his girlfriend wouldn't go. After all, she only liked chicken nuggets from McDonald's.

At least Griffin liked to try new places, and she didn't mind going with him. Yet, she felt guilty half the time, leaving Soren at home. Although, he didn't really mind.

And now there was Chance.

They hadn't gone out. Although, she met him at the grocery store and she hung out with him a good four hours. It barely felt like fifteen minutes. Yes, his smiles were contagious and he could talk about fruit for hours, evidently.

"So where were you?" Soren broke Torrie's train of thought. "I was so sure that ice cream would be melted by now." After all, he was the one who asked for the Rocky Road ice cream.

"I was at the grocery store." She looked at him blankly.

"All this time? The grocery store?" He was in a huff, but she only watched him put away the groceries.

It was silent after awhile. It was always like this.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What's a guy to do

Library Drama

Simon listened. He'd decided that was what he was there for. Just be the listener for Torri.

They'd gone out for pie after Torri's stressful night with Griffin.

"But you'd been so happy to see Chance." He could see her rapport was easy going with the dude. They were so close to holding hands. They were so close. And the way he made her smile. It was like nothing could touch them. Evidently, Griffin did. "Don't let Griffin get to you, like that."

Besides, the young adult librarian should have been worrying about his girlfriend Delia. Wasn't he aware that maybe she wasn't as loyal and devoted as she should be?

At first this seriously bothered Simon. Funny, how it seemed to get twisted. How he'd felt sort of loyal to Griffin. But not so much anymore.

"I think he's got a boyfriend." Simon couldn't help but remember Delia telling him this.

He looked at Torri wondering if he should say anything. Well, she wouldn't let him get a word in edge wise, anyway, so he forked at the chocolate cream pie and hoped to dissolve from his memory what happened in the stacks while Griffin and Torri were having their little spat.

Simon drew a breath. He hadn't really thought of the books falling off the shelf like a little earthquake, until now. But yes, his rush of excitement was still in him.

At first, he thought Delia's fall on him was just a bit of an accident. Like perhaps the building actually swayed. But there she was, perfect and oh so kissable. And then it happened. Another book fell from above his head..and another..and rain. He'd closed his eyes, thinking he just might melt into her.

But like a built in alarm, he awoke from the dream that needed to end now. It was time to shut the lights out. It was time to go home.

He thought of the books on the floor. He supposed he'd tell them tomorrow that the ghosts were back. Maybe in full force now.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Library Encounter

Library Encounter

"You know what this looks like, don't you?" Griffin's gaze was turning into a stare. He was waiting, but obviously someone was in another world.

"It doesn't look like anything." Torrie snapped. Of course, she was her usual self with him. Not giddy and intoxicated as she once was.

"Who is that guy?" Griffin crossed him arms, looked up at the old clock on the back wall by the newspapers. Closing time in five minutes. That guy walked out in the neck of time. Simon clicked the lights off and on and made the announcement.

"Chance." Torrie's eyes were intense.

"Does Soren know about him?" Griffin pressed his lips tight. He saw it all. There was a connection. The chemistry. She hung on with a soft laugh to anything he said. Chance smiled with perfect teeth. He was a dark and handsome stranger.

"There is nothing to tell him." Instantly she was testy, but trying her best not to lose her cool. "We talk. I've known him forever." Torrie winced as she did her usual routine to get ready to go.

Naturally, Griffin watched. After all, he was only the young adult librarian. He did not worry with the usual clerk stuff, like the cash register nor the computers.

"Longer than Soren?" Griffin winced. Of course, he'd known her longer that Soren. After all, he'd been a shelver here once upon a time. He actually knew Torrie in middle school. Yeah, he was getting old. She was almost twenty-five and Griffin was banking on being thirty, one more year.

He raked his fingers back against his forehead as if he might be ready to tell the actors they'd missed their cue. This was getting interesting.

Could this be the end of Torrie and Soren? Oh, he didn't want to gloat, but his lips curved ever so gently. He had made Torrie mad.

She went on her way, leaving him in the dark. Yes, it was closing time, and he wondered who was really on Torrie's mind.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

sometimes you just have too

"Where is this coming from?" I asked hoping this didn't mean a fight.

We get along so well. Torrie and me. I've known her since high school. We are best friends.

When did that stop?

I worked in the kitchen. I cook. I clean. And she's harping on me that we don't ever go anywhere.

"I'm just saying, its only a concert." She stared at me as if I'd really done it this time.

I looked back at her and bit my bottom lip.

"OK, we'll go to the damn concert." I rinsed a dish, as if to get on with things.

It felt good when I felt her hands around my waist and her chin digging into my shoulder.

"Since we aren't going to Seattle and all," Torrie said. "You know. Seeing SHE & HIM will make it all better. Right?"

"Of course." But I hated out door venues in the summer. It would be too hot or stormy. Either one were not my liking. Also, I sweat a lot. Always have, but it still bothers me. I'd much rather stay inside and read anything by George R. R. Martin. But she thinks I play too many video games.

Finally we kissed. I loved her smile. The dishes could wait. Definitely, time to catch up on things that weren't domestic.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I shall confess

I shall confess I'm stuck. Really. Totally. Stuck.

I'm in a rut. Maybe its best to put it like that. I can't seem to get away from it, you know. I fall in love ...too easily. That's part of it. And usually for the same type.

I know this, even if Torrie reminds me 24/7 these days.

At least, she cares.


Its like this. Maybe I can't save myself, but I can save someone else from a bad boyfriend. However, I have been engaged 7 times. Yeah, that's as far as it gets.

I'm being honest here. I know Torrie doesn't think I am. She says I'm never honest. Sometimes, I don't think she knows me at all.

OK, so yeah...

Delia was in a bad place with her ex. She was. He was stagnating her. And she's beautiful, intelligent. Oh, did I mention she has loads of cash. As if that matters. Now.

Guess who plays all the bills and that shitty apartment we're in? I do.  How does she pay me back? she drives me around in that bright red FIAT of hers.

Yeah, I'm stuck.

I wished Torrie loved me. Somebody needs to save me. Torrie needs to save me.