Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Library Encounter

Library Encounter

"You know what this looks like, don't you?" Griffin's gaze was turning into a stare. He was waiting, but obviously someone was in another world.

"It doesn't look like anything." Torrie snapped. Of course, she was her usual self with him. Not giddy and intoxicated as she once was.

"Who is that guy?" Griffin crossed him arms, looked up at the old clock on the back wall by the newspapers. Closing time in five minutes. That guy walked out in the neck of time. Simon clicked the lights off and on and made the announcement.

"Chance." Torrie's eyes were intense.

"Does Soren know about him?" Griffin pressed his lips tight. He saw it all. There was a connection. The chemistry. She hung on with a soft laugh to anything he said. Chance smiled with perfect teeth. He was a dark and handsome stranger.

"There is nothing to tell him." Instantly she was testy, but trying her best not to lose her cool. "We talk. I've known him forever." Torrie winced as she did her usual routine to get ready to go.

Naturally, Griffin watched. After all, he was only the young adult librarian. He did not worry with the usual clerk stuff, like the cash register nor the computers.

"Longer than Soren?" Griffin winced. Of course, he'd known her longer that Soren. After all, he'd been a shelver here once upon a time. He actually knew Torrie in middle school. Yeah, he was getting old. She was almost twenty-five and Griffin was banking on being thirty, one more year.

He raked his fingers back against his forehead as if he might be ready to tell the actors they'd missed their cue. This was getting interesting.

Could this be the end of Torrie and Soren? Oh, he didn't want to gloat, but his lips curved ever so gently. He had made Torrie mad.

She went on her way, leaving him in the dark. Yes, it was closing time, and he wondered who was really on Torrie's mind.


Milex said...

seriously stunning!

MazzyMay said...

I'm hoping Griffin is going to be on Torrie's side. And not her worst enemy.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't like his attitude. :/

RaeAbigael said...

cool!! :)


Sara Gerard said...

Sounds like he is prying a bit too much.