Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lets introduce ourselves

Its summer, but it might as well be the artic lately, around here. I don't mean as in weather. Just the stuff going on in my head and of course my small life at the library.

Someone asked, just last week, if Griffin was my husband. Hahahaaa..I laughed. What made them think that? He's just the young adult librarian that I practically do everything for. Sometimes, he's laid back, but the summer program can make him so nervous. I have no idea why, since he's practically got a degree in drama and music which he does not use. Still he finds time to aggravate me from making posters to driving him to and from work.

Still I suppose we spend more time together than he does with his pretty girlfriend, Delia, who so happens to be a Young Adult librarian too, except at a different library. She's also very picky. Practically, hates food while Griffin loves it. As in going out, making it and anything with crazy ingredients. Like his Mexican brownies with refried beans and red pepper.

Soren (My so called significant other) and I moved into their apartment complex since we got kicked out of a house that was put on the market. BTW no one has bought that stinking place. Still, we live in a loft now with two cats, Landon and Lars who possibly have a better relationship than we do. Not saying its tragic. It just Soren is quite the recluse when he comes home from work. He'd rather be playing video games than anything else and my mother can't stand him.

Oh, and let me not forget Simon who just might be my best friend. Although, he just graduated high school and this might be the last summer I get to hangout with him. I envy him for going off to college and yet I miss him already.


Linda said...

Looks like you are moving in to summer.

ivy's closet said...

I'm just not so sure about the name. I'm just not sure BRAINFREEZE does it for me. I'm leaning toward Library drama now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

There's always drama in the Library. Very excited for this! :)

ellie said...

hahaha..I do like Library drama.

Sara Gerard said...

Yay! Another story!